Compensation Fund Registration

The Compensation Fund is in the process of modernising its system, with the aim to develop an integrated online platform for clients. The first phase of the project involves developing a claims management system.

CF Registration
All users will need to be registered to be able to access the online platform.

To register, you will need the following documents:

  • Company / Organisation registration document
  • ID document of the director(s) in the registration document
  • Certified ID or passport copy of the user who will be transacting
  • Approved User Application Form (provided)
  • Health Practice Registration Certificate from BHF, where the Health Provider is the primary users. It must have an ID number to prove that it belongs to Health Provider.
  • Proof of address for all primary users.
  • Power of Attorney letter for all users. It must be on the company letterhead, whose details correspond with the registration document.
  • PERSAL employee report (exempted employers)

The System
When you have your documentation ready, you can visit the online system to submit your documentation. REMEMBER that you will not be granted access immediately as the information you supplied will first go through a vetting process, where-after you will be notified of your access.

Don’t Procrastinate on this
With this in mind, start your registration process as soon as you can, to prevent late submissions next year.

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